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Early Birds Deal

Soccer Institute Aruba (SIA) is excited to announce an Open House with a Free Trial Soccer Training Session. Come and be a part of it! On Wednesday May 31st SIA will host a Free Trial Training Session. All kids between the ages of 6 and 14 are welcome to attend, with no obligations! The SIA Free Trial Training Session will be held at Compleho Deportivo Frans Figaroa from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Before and during the training our team members will be standing by to assist you. The first 30 applicants that sign up for SIA will receive a special promotional package of Afl 100: This includes a one-time administration charge, the first month of SIA training sessions (June 2017) and our brand new SIA training uniform (regular costs are Afls.15, Afls.65 (monthly fee*) and Afls.50 respectively): A 130 florin value for just Afl.100! This offer runs out on May 31st, so don't miss the ball! For the true Early Birds that don't want to wait and risk missing out on this great promotional offer there is an opportunity to sign up online: Visit our website and fill out our online application form, or send us an email at and mention "Early Bird Application". (*)Families with 2 or more children are eligible for special package prices.

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