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Soccer Institute Aruba (SIA) is a soccer technique school founded in Aruba in 2015 by a group of professionals with experience teaching this sport in the formative stages in Aruba and in the Netherlands.


The Soccer Institute Aruba (SIA) has highly qualified technical staff with international training experience. SIA focuses on improving the technical skills of children between the ages of 4-14 by providing training in addition to the regular workouts offered to children by their respective soccer clubs. Training takes place in groups consisting of a maximum of twelve players based on their technical skills. SIA uses different ways of teaching in order to achieve the maximum learning experience for each player.

Training sessions mainly focus on two phases of the game (offense and defense) and the transition from one phase to the other.


The basic technical goals that we focus on are as follows:

Proficiency in implementing major technical actions that exist in soccer: running with the ball, control, passing, dribbling and shooting.


Mastering the side technical gestures: air game, the definition to goal, skill, cross and the defensive techniques.

Apply different technical gestures depending on the real game situation and develop appropriate motor patterns in response to certain tactical situations. Our training method incorporates many different techniques that are taught in several steps with the overall soccer game in mind.


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