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SOCCER INSTITUTE ARUBA has developed a specific technification program aimed at improving the skills of each player in his or her respective position on the field. During the training sessions, we focus on two phases of the game (offense and defense), as well as the transition from one phase to the other. The focus lies primarily on the following four areas of content: individual technique and tactics, group tactics and style of play.

Soccer Lessons

The main objective of SIA Soccer lessons is to promote learning, to improve and to upgrade the main technical gestures and skills of our students. Once a week, students will focus on practicing one technical gesture through various exercises until they are able to master it. Our students practice in small groups of up to ten players in order to create a conducive learning environment.  After completing SIA SOCCER LESSONS, all participants will know the most common technical actions in soccer and will possess the necessary tools for dealing with real game situations with a greater assurance of success.


SIA uses different ways of teaching in order to influence the cognitive processes of our students. The training model of SOCCER INSTITUTE ARUBA is based on the fragmentation of the learning process, based on which soccer will be taught in different stages. In this way, the student will learn to master the different stages and ultimately improve their performance in a natural and orderly manner.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of the students involved in the activities of the SIA is very important to us. We have therefore implemented a Risk Prevention Policy aimed at preventing injuries on and off the field. Our coaches will apply this policy to the fullest extent of their capabilities during all of the SIA training sessions.

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Qualified Technical Staff

The trainers-coaches of the Soccer Institute Aruba (SIA) recognize that the ball is the most important aspect of the game of soccer. All of our technical training takes place with the soccer ball being the integral part of the session. Whether it is individual training or group technical training, our qualified and experienced staff will provide you with the edge you need to enhance your soccer technique and leave you with the desire to want to learn more.


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